FREIGHT | Operational Improvement

Performance against KPI’s related to Asset Utilisation, Cost Control, Operational Performance, Service Quality and Customer Feedback are not improving and in some cases are deteriorating despite concerted business effort.

Transformation Journey

Project Timeline & Milestones
  1. Training Session
  2. Board Owner Coaching
  3. P7 Lead
  4. DBSR Lead – P7 Support
  5. Audit – Feedback & Coaching
  6. Handover

Results & Benefits

£ 0
Productivity Savings P.A.
0 %
Fleet Availablity Increase
Other Gains
  • Ability to understand department status at a glance – 3 minutes Rule.
  • Abnormal Conditions are questioned appropriately and driven towards resolution.
  • Disciplines are Strongly Re Enforced to adhere to meeting rules and Positive Tension is applied.
Next Steps
  • Link KPI and Priorities to Business goals and objectives.
  • Ensure all actions are captured during the meeting.
  • Knowledge transfer across individual departments to develop further board owners.
  • Re-visit KPI to set new realistic / achievable targets.

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